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Have We Met?

Hi, I’m C. A. Doehrmann. (You can call me Christina.) As a fantasy author, there are a great many things I’m bad at. One of them is remembering to pull my head out of wordsmithing long enough to let my readers know that…
A. I’m still alive! (Woot!) And…
B. Progress is being made on the fantasy WIPs! And…
C. Exciting plans abound!
Though I’ve been dreadfully lax in keeping readers in the loop and abreast of all the developments, 2024 is going to be different.

A face shot of C. A. Doehrmann, a writer of fantasy books. She has long brown hair, hazel eyes and is beautiful to behold.

New Monthly Updates!

In 2024, I intend to post monthly updates on the Arc Legends blog. These will include…

  • A check-in on my current fantasy WIPs (right now it’s Book 3 of Ellunon)
  • A fantasy book of the month (and why it’s awesome or not awesome IMHO)
  • A sneak peak into the technical side of my book writing process (plus dropping my favorite tips and resources for writing fantasy books.)

If you haven’t yet, make sure to sign up for our mailing list! Monthly updates will be on the blog only, but the mailing list where you can get new book announcements, chances to snag pre-release ARC copies, and more!

Why Bother Though?

Nobody is going to be interested in my books.
Does that thought ever go through your head? It goes through mine and it’s been the main reason I’ve neglected any sort of newsletters or updates for my readers. Nobody is going to care, right? Yet, time and again, the enthusiasm I meet with from my readers continues to floor me. You all have proved me wrong again and again and again. These stories and characters that I’ve fallen in love with, other people love them, too. I’ve come to realize I’m doing you all a disservice by not communicating more. So if you’re here, if you’ve enjoyed the Arc Legends Series, the door is now open for you to be a bigger part of this adventure.

An image of a fantasy book called The Kingmaster, both in the form of a print book and an ebook.

And if you’ve never read my books and this is the first time we’ve met? Then, well… Heh, heh, heh. You can download a free copy of The Kingmaster (Book 1 of Ellunon) here. Just know it’s not your typical dry, boring fantasy tome. In fact, unless you like action-packed sword fights, quirky characters, and epic celestial battles for the fate of the world, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Until we meet again,
~ C. A. Doehrmann

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