In a realm abandoned by magic . . .

A swordsman named Kyen of Avanna wanders the untamed wilderness, hiding a dangerous secret. He harbors the last arcangel, an ancient being of immense power, within him.

His travels take an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with Adeya, a princess doomed to an arranged marriage. Her only escape is to unravel the mystery of the arcangels’ disappearance and restore the art of summoning.

Their fates entwine when a mage, wielding mysterious new powers, attacks their loved ones and threatens to seize control of the whole realm. He calls himself the Kingmaster, and Kyen and Adeya embark on a perilous quest to stop him. They must find the last summoner, the only one capable of commanding the arcangel’s magic. But between encountering dragons, fighting off thieves, and escaping fiends, Kyen and Adeya discover the true danger of the Kingmaster. His power can transform every ally into an enemy.
When Kyen and Adeya fall into the Kingmaster’s grasp, Kyen faces a heart-wrenching choice: save himself and the princess or surrender the arcangel to forces bent on destroying the world?

The Kingmaster is for those who crave tales of adventure, courage, and magic with a little hint of romance. It would be enjoyed by readers of YA Adventure Fantasy similar to Redwall, Eragon, The Hobbit, or The Ranger’s Apprentice.

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Meet the Author

C. A. Doehrmann writes YA Fantasy books about adventure, love, and hope in a realm shattered by a magical war.  She loves tea, lives in the Midwest, and keeps a fluff dragon named Princess.

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About the Series

Kyen of Avanna has the reputation of a hero, the lineage of a warrior kingdom, and an unmatched skill with the sword; but nobody believes it when they meet with the desperately shy, awkward young man. So Kyen keeps to himself by wandering the wilderness, trying to outrun his tragic past—and trying to hide a powerful secret.
But celestial warfare is waging across the realm and the more Kyen attempts to disappear, the deeper he’s drawn into the heart of the conflict, caught between fiends and arcangels; between princesses and villains; between the man he is and the man he could become. With the destruction of Ellunon riding on the edge of his blade, his choice to face his true identity and wield the power given to him will determine the fate of all.
With a vibrant cast of characters, wicked-fast sword fights, and world-shattering magic, this is one epic fantasy book series where you’ll need to buckle up before reading.

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