Kyen of Avanna—possessed by an arcangel, hunted by fiends, harried by a princess—just wants a decent meal. But dinner has to wait when he runs into an old enemy at the inn.

Ennyen is also a swordsman of Avanna. He’s got the prowess to rival Kyen and a burning feud which Kyen refuses to settle. When Ennyen draws a dark blade and calls down fiends, there’s no choice. They clash swords—and the battle goes ill.

Meanwhile, Princess Adeya is struggling with her new and dangerous life as the pupil of a wandering swordsman. The fight against Ennyen intensifies, and she begins to realize—Kyen isn’t the hero she thought he was. When he falls wounded, her budding skills alone aren’t a match for the mounting dangers. Or for the terrible discovery…

Ennyen and his fiends aren’t the only ones hunting Kyen down.

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Meet the Author

C. A. Doehrmann, an avid writer of sword and sorcery, loves strong characters, deep adventures, and smash-down, drag-out fights. She is excited to share her debut series in Arc Legends with “The Kingmaster.

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About the Series

Kyen of Avanna has the reputation of a hero, the lineage of a warrior kingdom, and an unmatched skill with the sword; but nobody believes it when they meet with the desperately shy, awkward, underfed young man. So Kyen keeps to himself by wandering the wilderness, trying to outrun his tragic past—and trying to hide a powerful secret.
But celestial warfare is waging across the kingdoms; and the more Kyen attempts to disappear, the deeper he’s drawn into the heart of the battle, caught between fiends and arcangels; between princesses and villains; between the man he is and the man he could become. With the destruction of Ellunon riding on the edge of his blade, his choice to face his true identity and wield the power given to him will determine the fate of all.
With a vibrant cast of characters, wicked-fast sword fights, and world-shattering magic, this is one epic fantasy book series where you’ll need to buckle up before reading.

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